Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So far...a slow day.

Well....it's 1615 hours (4:15 p.m.) and it's been a pretty slow day. Only running a M.V.A call first thing this morning.

I figured we'd be slammed today since C shift didn't have squat yesterday. You know how it goes, you always have to take up the slack if the previous shift didn't run any calls. We've been tempting the FIRE GODS all day long however. We've cleaned the truck inside and out, even the compartments. Repainted and taped up hand tools....what else do we have to do? I've heard of a rain dance....does anyone know of a "Fire Dance"? Maybe I should ask Dixon about that. The Medic Truck on the other hand has been pretty steady. I believe they are on call nuber four or five as I type. Same old stuff for them...band aids and a ride to the hospital. Anyways, we'll post more if anything exciting happens today. Drew is making "The World's Best Lasagna" for dinner ( don't get offended Good O) so we here at ye ol Green House are looking forward to that.

*** Evening update (2030 hours)***
Well, the afternoon and evening have been much of the same...nada for the engine crew, but Medic 3 has been braving the cold and gettin' it done. As for Chef Abel's lasagna, well lets just say it wasn't the world's best, not even the United States best....probably not even the best of North West Roanoke City. Have you ever noticed how similar swiss and mozzarella cheese look when in the packaging? Yeah, me either...Oh well, maybe the home made (yeah right, break and bake) cookies I made will compensate for the lasagna's short comings. So, our bellies are full, the mercury is steadily dropping and yet the Oki MicroLine Turbo 9 pin printer remains dormant, maybe the overnight will bring some excitement?

On a serious note. We at Station 3 would like to give a sincere "get well soon" to our hurt brothers at 9-A shift. It seems there is a contagious lower back "bug" going around there lately. Due to the lack of man power at the 9 house it was overheard that to make up staffing they specifically requested firefighters from Station #3. It seems the hose draggers from number 3A are yet again bailing out the boys from Melrose, however we are happy to do so, just try and keep up with Bailey. Oh, and to 9 engines chauffeur, yes, he can carry 5 inch like a cross lay, just stack it on his shoulders :-)


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